Art: floorcloths and paintings

Painting - Time present time past

I’m often asked what is the difference between my floorcloths, wall hangings, and paintings. Often there is no difference other than the floor cloths are designed to be used on the floor and can withstand years of wear. Floor cloths can mounted on the walls as well, becoming wall hangings, many of my clients choose this use of their floor cloth.  Nearly 30 years ago, I realized that much ‘fine’ art will never be seen, owned or enjoyed by most  people in our culture.  I wanted to include in my art making something that would be accessible, affordable, easy to ship, and worked well in homes and offices.  Probably the primary difference is that my floorcloths and wall hangings were intended to be responsive to my clients desires regarding colors and designs, whereas my painting are my personal expression.  I like having a collaborative relationship with my clients that results in a co-creative work of art, be it floorcloths, wall hangings, or paintings.
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