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Faces # 2

Faces # 1

This summer I made a commitment to myself to produce ‘a drawing a day’, and this face is one of my recent ones.   I am working here with the concept of ‘mirror image’ drawing, i.e. each side is a reflection of the other.  This face reminds me of one of the characters (a gal) from “Where the Wild things Are”, she still needs a name, suggestions welcome.  Last night I watched a fabulous documentary on Milton Glaser, a true Renaissance man, this morning hungry for more I found this Ted Talk by Milton Glaser. The  visual range and the whole of  his life were expressions (reflections, if you will) of  the richness and incredible variety in his Art.   Two points that stood out for me in the Milton Glaser interviews were : 1) Drawing is thinking  2) Art becomes limited when it becomes a style. Milton Glaser has an openhandedness, a sense of adventure,  and a clarity of  intention to  do  artwork that would go out to the people, versus, art that was primarily intended for art galleries, museums, and private collections.  Most people know his image of  I (heart/image) NYC.   He is another affirmation for me to just do the work, draw, draw, draw.

Roses with green edge

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Now, Now, Now


My summertime commitment com that allows you free access to both your report and your score. to myself is draw, draw, draw, including “doodles” which this piece is &  yet, whimsy, doodles, all drawing.  As Ram Dass, and Eckhardt Tolle have told us, ” Be here NOW”  & I will add, once there, act NOW.

details that matter


Details that matter

This a detail of a larger painting which I am exploring magnifying details, printing out the magnified detailed then making very graphic marks, shapes on the surface. Sorta like those water bugs that seem to dance on water.  When I reflect on that as metaphor for life it would play out as paying attention to magnifying the deeper layers, see the elegance and flaws, by so doing we might dance more freely on the surface.

Summertime lyrical abstract

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Summertime Joy

Patio Chair

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Brave Heart

Brave Heart

When Looking at brave Heart, My friend Judi thought it looked like a Mexican Rooster Parrot. When I asked her what’s the Brave Heart part, she said,” You’d have to have a brave heart to have a Mexican Rooster Parrot”.

Summer melody

Patio Plants…………drawing momentum


I have been having allot of fun this summer doing drawings, daily, casino spiele great to feel the momentum.  This is from the patio plants I”ve finally got growing well at my loft.

‘She is’ from the series: Me + U


This drawing has my most favorite lamp as its focus.  I am well known for my talents as a yard sailing magnet, and also, Queen of  curbside finds.   This wonderful lamp was waiting in perfect condition for me to reclaim her from the side of the road, aka, the trash, now many years ago.  I’m always looking for metaphors and so in some ways she represents my reclaiming things about myself and talents that have gotten kicked to the curb, to see anew, and use them.   She has been in every office I have had as a therapist as well and is a totem for healing and creativity for me, She is Goddess.

digital prints available:      8.5″ x 11″     laminated / ready for hanging  50.00

Sunday morning Journal entry from a ‘yard sale’ junkie

I am a yard sale junkie from way back, i.e. the 60’s. My neighbor Bill Fleming used to say “Hi, how’s the yard sailing” today.  Always find great stuff, or rather I believe great stuff finds me; this could be my life mantra.  Today I found a used perfect condition washer dryer set for $50.00 each, much needed for our Pine Lake Retreat (the old one needed duck tape to shut the door).  I also found these great kid’s toys, totems to me, which I will draw and play with in my art sand tray. Most fun was visiting with the owner’s putting on the yard sale. Oh, I also found some terrific new clothes, which I’ll be wearing in a couple of hours to the Atlanta High Museum. I can’t wait to see Radcliffe Bailey’s exhibit.

“NO, WHY?”

” No, why?”

From the digital print series;  ME+ U laminated digital prints, ready for hanging available:  50.00 ea.    8.5″ x ll”

Me + U July 9th, 2011






















‘My right foot’                                      from the digital print series ” ME + U”

8.50″x11″                 July. 2011.

Happy First Birthday baby Ronan ! x0x0

















Ronan, we online casino L O V E you dude ! Uncle Zach, Papa Matt, & Aunt Bess

June. 2011.Atlanta.

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind."

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A delighted client with her new custom wedding floorcloth


Susan Elliott had this floorcloth custom designed for a friend’s wedding. Susan said Glenna is like a daughter to her and she wanted a special present that would last for years as a heirloom of their beautiful wedding day..

Visit My Booth at the Wedding Day Hooray – Indie Craft Experience

Wedding Day Hooray - Indie Craft Experience Post card

I will be at the Wedding Hooray Show put on by  the Indie Craft Experience with my wedding gift floorcloths and some special jewelry items for your bridesmaids. This is one I just finished commemorating my own new marriage. But don’t you think they’d make a gorgeous wedding gifts?

Here is a detail from the above floorcloth.

Friends Indeed

Painting of Judi Knight by Callahan McDonough

This is a picture of Judi I did in about 1999.


Photo of callahan taken by Judi Knight

Photo of me taken by Judi Knight in about 2000



Here is a picture of the two of us a bunch of years ago!



“Fun is the goal, Love is the way, Truth is the path.”

“Fun is the goal, Love is the way, Truth is the path.” Vic Baranco, phd

These heart pins are for the upcoming : Indie Craft Experience, Wedding day hooray

Today, the magical wedding of Kate & Will, royalty we can actually identify with, they are a couple that is authentic and real in their  Love, & intention to make a difference in the world they touch. Which will be a very big one. I’m sure Princess Diana is smiling, any Mom would be.

pins are priced at: $52.00 each one is unique

Coming attractions:

Today a busy and gratifying day in the studio, also working with printing labels for my ‘heart art’ artist jewelry pins, a work in progress.

  Judi Knight at New  Tricks is working on launching new website for me : that will eventually merge all 3 of my websites.  Will be much easier to view both galleries and blog without having to click links all over the place.

High Notes of Clarity


I’ve been up since early morning, in the stillness, time in the studio produces focus and clarity.  I’ve been re-reading Love is letting go of fear, by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., I intuitively turn toward his words, thinking of the contrast: simplicity of stillness and solitude versus connection and complexity.  I am reminded then, as Dr. Jampolsky, states :

” Peace of mind as our single goal is the most potent motivating force we can have. Instead of having a single goal, we are all tempted to try to juggle multiple goals. Juggling can only serve to deflect our focus and increase our conflict.”

Again and again, first within, Peace of mind, my single goal,  then all else.  My moment to moment choice. Then:  High notes of Clarity.

Rabbit in my basket

Rabbit in my basket

What a glorious Easter Day here in Atlanta.  If Easter represents re-birth, this day does it justice.  Last night I saw the Documentary, “I Am”, written and directed by Tom Shadyac, also the director of numerous successful hollywood comedies, such as Bruce Almighty. I mention this because Tom was living high on the hog in Hollywood with “lots of stuff”; 17 acres, 3 homes in L.A. etc, when he had a life threatening accident that motivated him to review where he was, where he is, and life.  Out of this process, the movie “I Am” was created. He started out with the question “what’s wrong with the world” and came to “what’s right with the world”. In both cases, the answer is: I am.  We are in need a re-birthing of Spirit individually and globally. “I Am” points in the direction of co-operation and oneness.

“Everyone needs to see this film!” Bruce Cohen, Academy Award Winning Producer (American Beauty)

Monday, April 25 in Atlanta, there will be a special viewing of  “I am” to benefit the non-profit movement: the invisible children.  Showing at: King Plow arts center 7pm -10pm. Prior to the film, the band ‘O’brother’ will be playing.  This will be an evening of community, art/film, comraderie. Importantly all funds will go toward helping the thousands of children who roam in packs, alone, in Uganda.

Also, if you cannot make this viewing it is also show at Tara theatre.

Have  Happy Easter.

"Know now that we have always been in danger in our separateness"

My friend and colleague Sharman Colosetti, was visiting yesterday, we are doing a peer study series on EFT,  I love learning with Sharman, she has an innate curiosity about life, a wise woman. Sharman was asking me about the story behind this painting, and said she loved hearing the stories behind my work. This painting is 5″ x 7 1/2″ and was done in 1986.  This was a time of change and growth for me, my online casino son was 8 years old, I was a single Mom and struggling to keep afloat.  After leaving my marriage, I started a house cleaning business, which I called my single Mom”s and artist”s survival kit.  I did well with my business and also was able to continue painting, as well as support myself and Zach. This was also a time for self-reflection and maturing spiritually, emotionally, for me.  This painting represents my experience at that time, the feeling of aloneness, reaching out for connection, feeling the response in community that sustains.  The two small figures at the bottom are copied from my son”s drawings of his “Ninja” figures, they represent for me,   and are totems of protection as seen through the eyes of my child. What Carl Jung, named, ” the luminous child”.

   The title is  a quote from :  Adrienne Rich”s, Dream of a common language (the title itself an affirmation) : ” Know now that we have always been in danger in our separateness”.

‘I am who I am’

This is a painting I did for my friend Judi Knight, Popeye’s quote is perfect for her painting title. Why? She IS who she IS.  She is a Renaissance woman with many careers, therapist, designer, builder, mom, currently, Urban Oasis bed n’ breakfast & New Tricks social media marketing.

gallery floorcloths

Namaste’ April 2011

I have just completed this piece which I began in 1985. Many times I will work on a painting for years, I get to a point where it needs time, yes sometimes years.  A metaphor actually for my life, that being here now, is a result of the many layers I laid down earlier in my life. Its a gratifying place to be for me.  I’m also quite pleased to report, that all paintings do not take years and some just simply snap together. I still attribute even those to the many layers preceding.  Namaste’

Art: floorcloths and paintings

Painting - Time present time past

I’m often asked what is the difference between my floorcloths, wall hangings, and paintings. Often there is no difference other than the floor cloths are designed to be used on the floor and can withstand years of wear. Floor cloths can mounted on the walls as well, becoming wall hangings, many of my clients choose this use of their floor cloth.  Nearly 30 years ago, I realized that much ‘fine’ art will never be seen, owned or enjoyed by most  people in our culture.  I wanted to include in my art making something that would be accessible, affordable, easy to ship, and worked well in homes and offices.  Probably the primary difference is that my floorcloths and wall hangings were intended to be responsive to my clients desires regarding colors and designs, whereas my painting are my personal expression.  I like having a collaborative relationship with my clients that results in a co-creative work of art, be it floorcloths, wall hangings, or paintings.
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