A special valentine for your sweetheart x0x0

"Valentines Day Pin"

A tenderness at heart

V.Day Pins But for some high truck driving schools in atlanta sports teams, it was good enough. available at:  theindie-pendent.com

52.00 each.

Resin,mixed media. 2012


The Impressionsts:

They conspired to paint the air

knowing that art

is not only a way

of seeing

but a way

of being,

a passion for the light,

a tenderness at heart…………….

by: Erica Jong

Becoming Light


the holiday of L O V E……. a valentine for all seasons.

It’s that season, the time of celebrating Sweethearts, Lovers, Mom’s, Dad’s, friends we love and cherish. Valentine’s day is my most favorite holiday because it is just simply the day to celebrate Love.  My newest heart pins are fresh from my studio, now nesting at :  the indie-dependent  drop by.   Each heart is hand painted, unique, one of a kind.  When I wear my private collection of  heart pins, people stop me, where did you get this?  Yours is waiting too.



This necklace is handpainted and each piece is one of a kind, like a small painting, can be a necklace and wall piece when not being worn. Comes with sheer ribbons to create a light beautiful adornment.  When I wear mine I get stopped constantly ‘where did you get that?!’                                                      $ 150.00

Bird of Joy + Love

This piece is resin and handpainted with luminous beads + glitter.  It functions as a necklace or can be a decorative wall piece.      $150.00

“Fun is the goal, Love is the way, Truth is the path.”

“Fun is the goal, Love is the way, Truth is the path.” Vic Baranco, phd

These heart pins are for the upcoming : Indie Craft Experience, Wedding day hooray

Today, the magical wedding of Kate & Will, royalty we can actually identify with, they are a couple that is authentic and real in their  Love, & intention to make a difference in the world they touch. Which will be a very big one. I’m sure Princess Diana is smiling, any Mom would be.

pins are priced at: $52.00 each one is unique

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