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June. 2011.Atlanta.

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind."

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A delighted client with her new custom wedding floorcloth


Susan Elliott had this floorcloth custom designed for a friend’s wedding. Susan said Glenna is like a daughter to her and she wanted a special present that would last for years as a heirloom of their beautiful wedding day..

Visit My Booth at the Wedding Day Hooray – Indie Craft Experience

Wedding Day Hooray - Indie Craft Experience Post card

I will be at the Wedding Hooray Show put on by  the Indie Craft Experience with my wedding gift floorcloths and some special jewelry items for your bridesmaids. This is one I just finished commemorating my own new marriage. But don’t you think they’d make a gorgeous wedding gifts?

Here is a detail from the above floorcloth.

Rabbit in my basket

Rabbit in my basket

What a glorious Easter Day here in Atlanta.  If Easter represents re-birth, this day does it justice.  Last night I saw the Documentary, “I Am”, written and directed by Tom Shadyac, also the director of numerous successful hollywood comedies, such as Bruce Almighty. I mention this because Tom was living high on the hog in Hollywood with “lots of stuff”; 17 acres, 3 homes in L.A. etc, when he had a life threatening accident that motivated him to review where he was, where he is, and life.  Out of this process, the movie “I Am” was created. He started out with the question “what’s wrong with the world” and came to “what’s right with the world”. In both cases, the answer is: I am.  We are in need a re-birthing of Spirit individually and globally. “I Am” points in the direction of co-operation and oneness.

“Everyone needs to see this film!” Bruce Cohen, Academy Award Winning Producer (American Beauty)

Monday, April 25 in Atlanta, there will be a special viewing of  “I am” to benefit the non-profit movement: the invisible children.  Showing at: King Plow arts center 7pm -10pm. Prior to the film, the band ‘O’brother’ will be playing.  This will be an evening of community, art/film, comraderie. Importantly all funds will go toward helping the thousands of children who roam in packs, alone, in Uganda.

Also, if you cannot make this viewing it is also show at Tara theatre.

Have  Happy Easter.

gallery floorcloths

Art: floorcloths and paintings

Painting - Time present time past

I’m often asked what is the difference between my floorcloths, wall hangings, and paintings. Often there is no difference other than the floor cloths are designed to be used on the floor and can withstand years of wear. Floor cloths can mounted on the walls as well, becoming wall hangings, many of my clients choose this use of their floor cloth.  Nearly 30 years ago, I realized that much ‘fine’ art will never be seen, owned or enjoyed by most  people in our culture.  I wanted to include in my art making something that would be accessible, affordable, easy to ship, and worked well in homes and offices.  Probably the primary difference is that my floorcloths and wall hangings were intended to be responsive to my clients desires regarding colors and designs, whereas my painting are my personal expression.  I like having a collaborative relationship with my clients that results in a co-creative work of art, be it floorcloths, wall hangings, or paintings.

Red Birds for Highlands

Red Birds, for Highlands, N.C.

Birds of Peace

Birds of Peace for : the bascomb, Highlands N.C.

Birds of Peace for : the bascomb, Highlands N.C.

Form and Function: Floor Cloths

Form & Function: Floor Cloths

Julie Northey at 4:14pm April 21

Hi Callahan,
even tho I love the visual concept, does it “bother you” in any way that people “step onto” your art? (being on the floor as a cloth..feet, shoes…germs…etc….)
I think that”s something about floor cloths that has been a personal reaction to me…
hope U R well! gotta go! Best! Thanks!
Hey Julie, I began the floor cloths nearly slackervision.com 30 years ago. I wanted something of my art that would be utilitarian. Something that could go in homes on walls or floors, most painting is viewed and purchased by a small group of people. Whereas, art that is also functional goes out to a broader population. So while my floor cloths could and sometimes … Read Moreare wall hangings, they may get appreciated even more on the floor. The unexpected and the functional in art. Thanks for asking. Are you painting away? What are you working on now? hugs.

Birds for Highlands

2009 Birds for Highlands

Hugs n’ Kisses

Hugs n' kisses

Hugs n' kisses

Hugs n’ Kisses for : Sherry

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