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f Solo exhibition best online casino Callahan McDonough- current artworks

located in the Old Fourth Ward, at, StudioPlex

You are invited to join me: May.3.Friday.exhibition of my current paintings

art invite may 2013

The title, “A Sword of Moonlight, and Imperishable Love”, embodies, for Callahan McDonough, the nature of her current body of art. That is, one of story and of allegory, that symbolizes her life experiences and are depicted in the images in her paintings. These images are intended by Ms. McDon

Eve reaches for the BIG APPLE – now showing SoHo20 NYC thru Aug.11.2012

I’m in the midst of a huge and beyond-gorgeous collaborative project with artist, Callahan McDonough. I re-tell and re-imagine stories. She crafts breathtaking images. Honestly, even to type the previous sentences staggers me. I can hardly believe it. My words inspiring another’s art? Grace. Miracle. Perfectness.

As of July 19, 2012 our first “work” made its debut in New York.

Eve. In the Big Apple.

The perfectness of this is not lost on either of us. The symbolism. The apple; the Big Apple. 

Callahan’s art – inspired by my interpretation of Eve’s story – is now part a current exhibition at theSoho20 Gallery called BACKLASH / an exhibition addressing the current political climate towards womenMore perfectness.

casino Soho20 Gallery in New York City” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”204″ height=”300″ />The press release for BACKLASH says:

Feminism is not dead. Women and men in this country and beyond are fighting back, in new, innovative and creative ways. Backlash brings together a group of artists from across the globe who are a part of this fight. The response to the call for this “unjuried” exhibition was overwhelming; Backlash includes the work of men and women, across generations, working in a variety of media to express fear, anger, despair, but also hope, fortitude, and solidarity.

Eve in New York. She looks fabulous. She’s taking the city by storm. Apples are all the rage. And the story of a strong women who reaches for what she desires (no matter the backlash) takes hold in wildly alluring ways.

Can you picture her? She smiles slyly. And then she speaks the words that surround her image: “No doubt or second guessing. A knowing no matter what.” Hardly coincidence. Perfectness…


You know, don’t you, that you can have a print of this image (yes…the one now hanging in a gallery in New York City!!! I can’t help it: I want to just keep saying this…) Click here. Learn more. Order yours. How can you resist? Perfectness.  Ronna Detrick


" Reach for the Apple"

Artist Callahan McDonough is helping me create and curate a collection of 30 unique (and gorgeous) paintings inspired by my writings that re-imagine and redeem the stories of women in Scripture.  

Eve was where we had to begin.

“Callahan listened to me muse and wonder and exegete Eve’s story. She took notes. She felt deeply. And then she visualized what she heard me say; what she understood as the themes and elements of Eve’s story about which I’m most passionate. The day she sent me the photograph was not unlike seeing that first ultrasound image of a new baby. And the day she sent me the 11×15 Giclee print, I felt like I was holding that child in my arms (without the labor).” Ronna Detrick

Ronna: I experience profound affirmation from you and your writing. I feel People Voice cited Mohegan Sun gm Mike Bean saying the best casino cooperates fully using the police however that they hadn’t approached him casino online regarding Schreiber’s situation. seen and not alone…and this goodness brings me back to myself.  There is a line in Adrienne Rich’s poem Transcendental Etude where she says, ” there comes a time when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die.”   More seriously as in being fully self expressed in our lives…This  is what calls to me in Eve and her Sisters; to sit with her, with you,  and to co-create on “holy ground.” ~ Callahan McDonough, artist of “Eve” and many works to come.
Ronna”s series digital guide to self trust and deep knowing fine art prints (2)  Available May 11 at : Ronna Detrick”s website.

” Eve’s Voice”

“Eve’s Voice”  from the series: Inspired by Eve, by Ronna Detrick, Art by Callahan McDonough.  Prints available 30.00 ea. 11″x 22″ fine art print 2012.

more on Eve’s voice:

Save the date: April 1. 2012 Callahan's Current Paintings

This is my friend Linda Knight, also an incredible artist and designer, browsing for b.f. birthday at best online casino the indie-pendent, St. Charles Ave., Virginia Highlands, Atlanta.  Every time I go in there more and more unique items for home, gifts, art.  Oh, yeah, by the way my floorcloths are lucky to reside there as well AND, SAVE  THE DATE >>>>Your invited:  April 1, Sunday, noon to 5p.m. in the upstairs gallery a showing of my current paintings.

Madam Butterfly – Atlanta Opera Series


the Atlanta Opera Series

prints available

cat woman

Cat Woman

d”arches paper, mixed media

I love cats. I love dogs too.  Cats are of course, cats, and dramatically different than dogs. They seem much more self contained, they are curious, detail, at times like a piece of  moving sculpture, at other Omega 3 -3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids. times (when they are ready) they are responsive to us, and cuddle, playful.  The stillness of cats represents for me the moments within myself  of  what T.S. Elliot called : ” The still point of the turning world”.

Make art. Live life. Make a difference Oct. 2011

Make Art, Live Life, make a difference.

my post this a.m. on Citizen Kerry

As a visual artist of over 30 years, I/we (my fellow/sister artists) spent oodles of years discussing “what is art”. It”s an important inquiry on one level, on another level you can get lost in a thought loop about it. I currently view casino online art as what I do on a daily basis, in every way, including putting paint on a canvas. The doing is my job, stepping back, reflecting, doing. I don”t think I”ve read enough blogs to judge if they will make history, I think they are an important venue (some of them) to tell our stories, make a difference now.
I hope we can save the F. planet to have history to make.
I know your ( Citizen Kerry) writing wakes me up, touches me, and I identify. Keep it up gal.

Thinking x’s 3

Thinking, planning, creating, this drawing symbolizes the myriad of styles/viewpoints that arise for me as I sort out  my next  direction + action.  I’m always intrigued  by each of our different approaches to sorting out choices + actions. What’s yours?

Fall morning sketch 2011

This Fall morning, very early, stillness & coffee, all is simply well. Sketch fabric from my skirt. 2011

Good bye Summer Hello Fall 2011

Summer seems to fly by some years; this was one of them for me. Meanwhile, I welcome the Fall air, and with a group of friends and the guidance of  Kashi Yoga, Swami Ja Devi  I have begun a short but intensive detox regimen.  Ten days to eat ‘really clean’, meaning steamed veggies, herb teas, rice, and other simply cooked foods.  An important part of the  daily discipline is an hour of Yoga.  All of this for me is about health, Spiritual connection and grounded momentum  for my artwork.  This is the patio and two chairs that I sat on these past few months to create my ‘summer drawings’, and now it becomes my Fall drawing patio.

Faces # 2

Roses with green edge

ecstasy Testing Laws ecstasy testing dgfev online casino laws vary by state. July 23 2011″ src=”” alt=”” width=”524″ height=”393″ />

details that matter


Details that matter

This a detail of a larger painting which I am exploring magnifying details, printing out the magnified detailed then making very graphic marks, shapes on the surface. Sorta like those water bugs that seem to dance on water.  When I reflect on that as metaphor for life it would play out as paying attention to magnifying the deeper layers, see the elegance and flaws, by so doing we might dance more freely on the surface.

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