Eve reaches for the BIG APPLE – now showing SoHo20 NYC thru Aug.11.2012

I’m in the midst of a huge and beyond-gorgeous collaborative project with artist, Callahan McDonough. I re-tell and re-imagine stories. She crafts breathtaking images. Honestly, even to type the previous sentences staggers me. I can hardly believe it. My words inspiring another’s art? Grace. Miracle. Perfectness.

As of July 19, 2012 our first “work” made its debut in New York.

Eve. In the Big Apple.

The perfectness of this is not lost on either of us. The symbolism. The apple; the Big Apple. 

Callahan’s art – inspired by my interpretation of Eve’s story – is now part a current exhibition at theSoho20 Gallery called BACKLASH / an exhibition addressing the current political climate towards womenMore perfectness.

casino Soho20 Gallery in New York City” src=”http://www.ronnadetrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/backlash-front1-204×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”204″ height=”300″ />The press release for BACKLASH says:

Feminism is not dead. Women and men in this country and beyond are fighting back, in new, innovative and creative ways. Backlash brings together a group of artists from across the globe who are a part of this fight. The response to the call for this “unjuried” exhibition was overwhelming; Backlash includes the work of men and women, across generations, working in a variety of media to express fear, anger, despair, but also hope, fortitude, and solidarity.

Eve in New York. She looks fabulous. She’s taking the city by storm. Apples are all the rage. And the story of a strong women who reaches for what she desires (no matter the backlash) takes hold in wildly alluring ways.

Can you picture her? She smiles slyly. And then she speaks the words that surround her image: “No doubt or second guessing. A knowing no matter what.” Hardly coincidence. Perfectness…


You know, don’t you, that you can have a print of this image (yes…the one now hanging in a gallery in New York City!!! I can’t help it: I want to just keep saying this…) Click here. Learn more. Order yours. How can you resist? Perfectness.  Ronna Detrick


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