Faces # 1

This summer I made a commitment to myself to produce ‘a drawing a day’, and this face is one of my recent ones.   I am working here with the concept of ‘mirror image’ drawing, i.e. each side is a reflection of the other.  This face reminds me of one of the characters (a gal) from “Where the Wild things Are”, she still needs a name, suggestions welcome.  Last night I watched a fabulous documentary on Milton Glaser, a true Renaissance man, this morning hungry for more I found this Ted Talk by Milton Glaser. The  visual range and the whole of  his life were expressions (reflections, if you will) of  the richness and incredible variety in his Art.   Two points that stood out for me in the Milton Glaser interviews were : 1) Drawing is thinking  2) Art becomes limited when it becomes a style. Milton Glaser has an openhandedness, a sense of adventure,  and a clarity of  intention to  do  artwork that would go out to the people, versus, art that was primarily intended for art galleries, museums, and private collections.  Most people know his image of  I (heart/image) NYC.   He is another affirmation for me to just do the work, draw, draw, draw.

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