I have been creating gallery quality floorcloths for over thirty years. My floorcloths have been designed and developed to be  hung on walls as paintings or subjected to normal and even heavy traffic in a home or office as a nearly indestructible floor covering. I have been producing them for over thirty years,  wanting to offer a more a utilitarian art form as addition to portfolio of paintings.

Why Purchase a Floorcloth?

Many people may not be able to afford or justify the expenditure for an original large format art far for purely decorative purposes,  but they will  when they see that these pieces can be used, for example as a rug under their dining room table in their loft, and the expense is more easily absorbed. This is especially the case when they factor in that these “paintings” can be mopped clean, are pet proof and last for generations.

Not Your Typical Floorcloth

I have developed a  process that is above what you may see in a craft show or school auction. I use a high quality,  heavy weight canvas with hems that have been and folded over, ironed down and glued with a special adhesive.  The canvases are then primed with several coats of artist’s primer to prepare them for the multiple thin coats of paint that make up the design of the work. I do a light sanding between each layer of primer or paint to insure the best adhesion and a fine, smooth surface result.  When the design is complete, I give each piece multiple layers of a special formula varnish which resists yellowing or chipping.

You will find my floorcloths in homes and offices across the country, to include bed and breakfasts, beach houses and doctors’ offices who have high traffic in difficult situations which have to have floor coverings to be able to be kept spotless.

Order Your Floorcloth

I usually have a selection of floorcloths on hand in my studio and I love to do custom orders. The prices are in the range of 30.00 per square foot.

Hear What People Have To Say:

I have several of Callahan’s floorcloths in my 6,000 sq foot loft that is both my office and a Bed and Breakfast In addition to the human foot traffic, I have three Basset Hounds and two cats. To say my household is tough on rugs would be an understatement. I have had to throw away a beautiful expensive carpet when I discovered the elderly cat had been using it instead of the litter box. Having it cleaned only made it smell worse! I never have to worry about the animals with my floorcloths. I have had one of them for over 20 years and it was in a high traffic area. In addition to their being able to withstand my environmental conditions, they are beautiful and set off the areas of my open spaces beautifully.  – Judi  Knight




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