Form and Function: Floor Cloths

Form & Function: Floor Cloths

Julie Northey at 4:14pm April 21

Hi Callahan,
even tho I love the visual concept, does it “bother you” in any way that people “step onto” your art? (being on the floor as a cloth..feet, shoes…germs…etc….)
I think that”s something about floor cloths that has been a personal reaction to me…
hope U R well! gotta go! Best! Thanks!
Hey Julie, I began the floor cloths nearly 30 years ago. I wanted something of my art that would be utilitarian. Something that could go in homes on walls or floors, most painting is viewed and purchased by a small group of people. Whereas, art that is also functional goes out to a broader population. So while my floor cloths could and sometimes … Read Moreare wall hangings, they may get appreciated even more on the floor. The unexpected and the functional in art. Thanks for asking. Are you painting away? What are you working on now? hugs.

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