Rabbit in my basket

Rabbit in my basket

What a glorious Easter Day here in Atlanta.  If Easter represents re-birth, this day does it justice.  Last night I saw the Documentary, “I Am”, written and directed by Tom Shadyac, also the director of numerous successful hollywood comedies, such as Bruce Almighty. I mention this because Tom was living high on the hog in Hollywood with “lots of stuff”; 17 acres, 3 homes in L.A. etc, when he had a life threatening accident that motivated him to review where he was, where he is, and life.  Out of this process, the movie “I Am” was created. He started out with the question “what’s wrong with the world” and came to “what’s right with the world”. In both cases, the answer is: I am.  We are in need a re-birthing of Spirit individually and globally. “I Am” points in the direction of co-operation and oneness.

“Everyone needs to see this film!” Bruce Cohen, Academy Award Winning Producer (American Beauty)

Monday, April 25 in Atlanta, there will be a special viewing of  “I am” to benefit the non-profit movement: the invisible children.  Showing at: King Plow arts center 7pm -10pm. Prior to the film, the band ‘O’brother’ will be playing.  This will be an evening of community, art/film, comraderie. Importantly all funds will go toward helping the thousands of children who roam in packs, alone, in Uganda.

Also, if you cannot make this viewing it is also show at Tara theatre.

Have  Happy Easter.

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