Sunday morning Journal entry from a ‘yard sale’ junkie

I am a yard sale junkie from way back, i.e. the 60’s. My neighbor Bill Fleming used to say “Hi, how’s the yard sailing” today.  Always find great stuff, or rather I believe great stuff finds me; this could be my life mantra.  Today I found a used perfect condition washer dryer set for $50.00 each, much needed for our Pine Lake Retreat (the old one needed duck tape to shut the door).  I also found these great kid’s toys, totems to me, which I will draw and play with in my art sand tray. Most fun was visiting with the owner’s putting on the yard sale. Oh, I also found some terrific new clothes, which I’ll be wearing in a couple of hours to the Atlanta High Museum. I can’t wait to see Radcliffe Bailey’s exhibit.

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