Friends Indeed

Painting of Judi Knight by Callahan McDonough

This is a picture of Judi I did in about 1999.


Photo of callahan taken by Judi Knight

Photo of me taken by Judi Knight in about 2000



Here is a picture of the two of us a bunch of years ago!



Art & Friends

Sherry & her Dad 'Tony' at: 90yrs. Passover 2008

Sherry & her Dad 'Tony' at: 90yrs. Passover 2008

Sherry is my longtime friend of 18 yrs. She has what we artists call a ‘good eye’. Often she is the helpful art critic I need to call on to decide if a piece is complete or not. She has a heart of gold and loves family, community, food, and Jewish Holidays which include lots of her yummy cooking.  Hugs n’Kisses runner was done for Sherry. “hugs n’kisses” is one of her favorite good byes.



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