‘She is’ from the series: Me + U


This drawing has my most favorite lamp as its focus.  I am well known for my talents as a yard sailing magnet, and also, Queen of  curbside finds.   This wonderful lamp was waiting in perfect condition for me to reclaim her from the side of the road, aka, the trash, now many years ago.  I’m always looking for metaphors and so in some ways she represents my reclaiming things about myself and talents that have gotten kicked to the curb, to see anew, and use them.   She has been in every office I have had as a therapist as well and is a totem for healing and creativity for me, She is Goddess.

digital prints available:      8.5″ x 11″     laminated / ready for hanging  50.00

Me + U July 9th, 2011






















‘My right foot’                                      from the digital print series ” ME + U”

8.50″x11″                 July. 2011.

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